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Family Ski sequel here in February

This time with snowboards.

Atari plans to bring wintery Wii sequel Family Ski & Snowboard to Europe in February 2009.

As the title suggests, this Namco Bandai follow-up adds snowboards to the range of piste pursuits. And like Family Ski, control will be handled by the balance board, which will be turned sideways to imitate the fat uni-ski. Wiimote and nunchuk are waggled to pull off tricks.

There's more content than before: two big mountains to plummet down, littered with half-pipes and rails, plus all sorts of activities for both radical snowboarders and leisurely skiers.

Also returning is Mii avatar support as well as four-player local multiplayer. Slip into our Family Ski & Snowboard gallery for an idea of what to expect.

Snowboards and lack of depth and challenge sullied Family Ski for us last summer, but the game was far from dreadful. Head over to our Family Ski review to find out more.

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