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Rainbow Six Vegas 2 silencer trailer

She's making too much noise.

Silencers are brilliant; you're not a professional killer until you have one, as everyone knows. They make that lovely little sound too. We asked around the office and "zzp", "thwp", and "chk" were our best silencer impersonations. No vowels. Too noisy.

These crafty little screw-on attachments are very handy in Rainbow Six Vegas 2. It makes sense that taking on a building full of hostile targets becomes much easier when you can catch them off guard by using a stealthy approach rather than a crash, bang, and wallop one. This is expertly demonstrated in our exclusive Silencer Gameplay Eurogamer TV trailer.

According to game designer Steven Masters, "The silencer is one of the most important gun attachments in the game.

"Throughout certain missions your intelligence officer will recommend infiltration tactics and using the silencer to take out enemies," he explains. "This strategy will prevent other enemies from being alerted and will allow you and your team to navigate more freely."

The slowly, slowly approach will often open up new ways to tackle a situation. "The level design was created with multiple entries and different tactics in mind to support this type of gameplay," apparently. But before you go attaching the silencer for every situation, Masters wants you to remember that the trade-off is less damage when shooting enemies or penetrable or breakable objects.

Silencers, or noise suppressors as clever people call them, work by allowing the rapidly expanding gases from firing a bullet to be briefly diverted or trapped inside a series of hollow chambers. Hollywood has misrepresented them and only the best silencers can reduce the noise of pistols or submachine guns to a loud clacking noise, much like you will hear in the exclusive trailer.

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 is due out on PS3 and 360 from 20th March, with the PC version set to arrive a little later on 17th April. Look out for our review ever so soon.

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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2

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