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Fresh liveries for Burnout Paradise

Over 50,000 people play each day.

Criterion has said that juicy downloadable content for Burnout Paradise is "coming soon".

Developer boss Alex Ward posted the first preview of the fresh stuff on the official website. So far it looks like the face of a girl painted on to the side of a car.

Tom says these are liveries, which he pronounces like the organ. He thinks he is right. But I think it is disgusting.

You can find videos of the pretty livery on the website. And can expect more to be revealed in "the next few days and weeks".

Alex Ward has also revealed that more than 50,000 of you play Burnout Paradise online every 24 hours.

"In the past 24 hours we've had 50,000 people play Burnout Paradise online on both systems," Ward told Videogaming247.

"If they only stayed online for one hour each on average (and most stayed for more than that), there will be have been over five and a half years of play online in Paradise City in the last 24 hours."

Are you one of them?

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Burnout Paradise

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