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Warriors Orochi gets PC, PSP date

Unaltered for a handheld audience.

Koei plans to release Warriors Orochi for PC and PSP on 28th March.

Both will be more or less identical to the 360 and PS2 versions released late last year, with the addition of ad-hoc multiplayer on PSP.

The uncut action happens to be one of the big handheld selling points. Koei has previously snipped content into bite-sized chunks for an audience on the move, but you were keen for a full, unaltered Dynasty Warriors-like experience and so it reverted.

Porting it to PC marks a fresh direction for the publisher too, and this is expected to be the first of many.

"For the first time on PSP the huge battlefields from the console versions of Warriors Orochi have been recreated and crammed into a portable gaming experience along with the entire cast of characters," said Will Curley, sales manager for Koei Europe.

"Warriors Orochi is a massive step forward for Warriors games on PSP and we've been really impressed with just what we can do on PSP.

"Bringing our unique brand of tactical action to PC is also a very significant move for us as we look ahead to achieving much more on this platform. Warriors Orochi is just the first step as we look towards a number of new releases on PC in the coming months," he added.

Warriors Orochi is a mash-up of Samurai Warriors and Dynasty Warriors with characters from both. The idea is the same; you cut down hordes of enemies as you tactically romp around the battlefield.

New to this instalment is the ability to switch between three characters during battles, with their health regenerating when not controlled by you. You can also fuse two weapons together to create more powerful killing apparatus.

Head over to our Warriors Orochi review to find out more.

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