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Burnout Paradise "islands" to be free

But Criterion charging for some DLC.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Criterion boss Alex Ward has promised that all the downloadable "islands" for Burnout Paradise will be free.

These are the content expansions that will be added to Paradise City and form a series, with each location set to offer a different style of gameplay.

Update: Just to clarify, Alex Ward has since said that while the islands will be free, other DLC will cost you.

"We will charge (price TBC) for some stuff," Ward told Videogaming247. "What's important to know is that we see DLC in a totally different way.

"We see DLC as significant additional content which expands the game experience. We see it as continuing to develop the game which we worked on. Taking it further almost to the point of making a new game.

"New game modes are very important to us, but it's about more than that. Expect more details soon," he added.

Ward unveiled the islands earlier this month, after revealing some fresh car liveries for the game.

You may not have to shell out any money for these paint jobs, but Ward is promising to "make you work" for some of them.

We had a look around the Criterion offices yesterday, disguised as scenery, and were happy to see a full-scale model of a car crashed into a wall.

We also rather liked Burnout Paradise, and it seems many of you do too. But is it the best in the series as Alex Ward claims, Eurogamer reader?