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Kojima working on non-MGS concept

Hiding it under cardboard box.

Metal Gear Solid series creator Hideo Kojima is reportedly working on a new game concept away from the Metal Gear universe.

The word comes from Konami president Fumiaki Tanaka, who was speaking to Nikkei BP in Japan.

IGN reports that he said Kojima is "working on the concept for a new game outside of the Metal Gear universe", although there are no direct quotes from Fumiaki Tanaka included.

Konami's pres then added that there will be no formal announcement this year.

Hideo Kojima has of course worked on things besides Metal Gear, including Zone of the Enders for PS2, and the Boktai GBA games (and Lunar Knights on DS, which he produced), among other things.

So whether the new game concepts he's carting around in his head will take on the same significance as Metal Gear has to Konami and Kojima himself is hard to say. Equally hard to say is whether Kojima will continue working on Metal Gear.

He said he would give up after the third game, after all, but seems to be co-directing Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, which is due out worldwide for PS3 on 12th June, with Shuyo Murata.

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