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Okami Wii for April in the US

Still no movement for Europe.

Capcom has finally stamped an official date on Okami Wii, which will be out on 11th April in the USA.

The official product site had previously listed March as a target, with retailers guestimating at a 25th March launch.

Capcom bigwig Christian Svensson had also come out and suggested a release this month was "possible", although he restated that the title would never be rushed out.

Unfortunately Capcom Europe was unavailable to comment on what this means for us. Svensson had also mentioned there would be a "little lag" between US and Euro versions.

Okami is being ported to Wii by Ready At Dawn, which is also handling the God of War PSP title.

Fresh features are the obvious addition of motion-sensing controls for the paintbrush, as well as 16:9/480p support and the ability to skip cut-scenes.

Otherwise the game should be largely unchanged, which is the reason many of us have it at the top of our Eurogamers Most Wanted lists.

Head over to our Okami PS2 review to find out why.

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