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PS3, Wii launches made Okami flop

New consoles "overshadowed" cult classic.

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Critically acclaimed 2006 action adventure Okami flopped because gamers were too entranced by excitement generated by new consoles.

That's the assessment of Capcom producer Motohide Eshiro, who told Official Nintendo Magazine the Clover Studio classic suffered under the weight of announcements by Nintendo and Sony.

"I can't comment officially but, personally speaking, I think it had a lot to do with the announcements for new consoles," Eshiro said.

"That was overshadowing any other game news at the time."

Okami launched on the PlayStation 2 in April 2006 in Japan, and September in North America. Two months later, in November, Nintendo launched the Wii. That same month Sony launched the PlayStation 3 in Japan and the US.

Eurogamer reviewed Okami in February 2007. Returning a 10/10 verdict, Kristan Reed said, "Okami is, without doubt, a landmark game, and one that's beautiful in almost every sense."

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