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Sin City game planned

Frank Miller on board.

Red Mile Entertainment has snaffled up the rights to make games based on the Sin City graphic novels.

The "crime noir" comic book series rocketed to fame in 2005 when a movie adaptation starring Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba - to name a few - hit the big screen.

We didn't get a chance to count the bags of money that secured the licensing deal, but Red Mile has also confirmed that author Frank Miller will be collaborating on the project.

"Taking Sin City into the world of video games is very exciting - games offer a whole new way to bring audiences into Sin City," said Frank Miller. "The Red Mile team has impressed me with its dedication to creating Sin City video games that will remain true to Sin City as I've always seen it."

Chester Aldridge, CEO of Red Mile added: "Sin City enjoys a broad and devoted following. Its crime noir settings, richly detailed characters, hyper-real action sequences, and engaging stories provide an outstanding groundwork for video games. Red Mile is enthusiastic about working with Frank Miller to create a franchise that is worthy of this great property."

Red Mile is the publisher behind games like GripShift, Heroes of the Pacific, Jackass: The Game and Equestrian Challenge.

No announcement has been made on platforms or game details for Sin City, though next, this, whatever-generation consoles and "action" are likely candidates.