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SouthPeak puts Big Bang on DS

Make fireworks to kill enemies with.

SouthPeak is working on a firework-themed shooter for DS.

Dubbed Big Bang Mini, the idea is to kill enemies coming towards you by making your own fireworks and exploding them on their faces.

It is slightly unclear how it will all work, but apparently you will draw designs on the bottom screen and then launch them up into the top screen, where be baddies.

"With Big Bang Mini, we're trying to combine the thrill of an intense action shooter with the beauty of a grand fireworks display," said Camille Guermonprez, boss of developer Arkedo. "If there's anything players won't like about the game, it will be that they're too involved in striking and dodging to appreciate the light show they're creating."

Arkedo Studio previously worked on Nervous Brickdown for the DS, which scored middle to good marks across the board.

Big Bang Mini will be out on DS this autumn.

Pop over to our Big Bang Mini gallery for the first screenshots.

[Where's Fantavision PS3? -Dep Ed]

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