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New Bully 360 patch creating problems?

Best avoid, says Internet.

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Rockstar has released a patch for the troubled Xbox 360 version of Bully: Scholarship Edition, but electronic word on the Internet street is that it's causing more problems - perhaps even more than it fixes.

The patch went Live on Thursday, but soon after that posters on Major Nelson's blog were accusing it of causing "terrible amounts" of trouble.

Among the problems reported are more game freezes, "choppy" audio and graphical glitches.

Rockstar was publicly "horrified" by wide complaints of game crashing when Bully was released on 360 earlier this month.

Boss Sam Houser suggested older Xbox 360 consoles may be the problem (although we ran into a number of hard lock-ups on our office Xbox 360 Elite) and that none of the issues had shown up in testing, before promising that a fix was being worked on around the clock.

Bully on Xbox 360 still managed to achieve good grades upon release, although those interested might want to hold out until the various bugs are ironed out. You could always pick it up on Wii or PS2 in the mean time.

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