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Dexter game planned

Normal people are so hostile.

Ecko Entertainment and Showtime Networks are gearing up to announce a game based on TV show Dexter today.

Having been tipped off about it, IGN reports that a developer has yet to be named, and we don't know what platforms it's on or when it's out.

"Dexter is the extremely rare TV show with enough layers of action and tension to translate perfectly into a compelling videogame," Marc Fernandez, vice president of Marc Ecko Entertainment, said to mark the announcement.

"Our game designers, writers, and artists are going to give Dexter's morally complex world the kind of interactivity that gamers will love."

No idea what Dexter is? It's a drama about a police blood splatter expert working in Miami who also happens to be a serial killer with a sort of ethical code that mainly sees him slaying criminals.

Based on novels by a man called Jeff Lindsay, it's been through two seasons in the US so far, and we rather like it - especially the episode where Rita dresses up as Lara Croft.

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