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Battlefield: Bad Company this summer

DICE puts it back on the radar.

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DICE has revealed that delayed war title Battlefield: Bad Company is now aiming for a summer release.

Senior producer Karl Magnum aired the news on the latest Major Nelson podcast, but said he could offer nothing more specific at the moment.

Earlier this year EA South Africa revealed that it had pushed the title back to June, shortly before EA boss John Riccitiello publicly moved Battlefield: Bad Company and Mercenaries 2 into fiscal 2009.

He said it would both would offer better consumer experiences with a bit of "additional polish".

Battlefield: Bad Company is a single-player-focused instalment in the war series.

The story sees you trapped behind enemy lines where you will embark on a quest for gold and revenge.

We were promised a deep and cinematic experience full of dark humour and lots of destructible environments, but little has been heard since.

Pop over to our Battlefield: Bad Company gamepage to get up to date.

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