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Battlefield: Bad Company pushed back?

EA South Africa says so.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Battlefield: Bad Company may have been pushed back to a June 2008 worldwide release.

It was originally expected in March, but EA South Africa has told LazyGamer it needed more time to add polish. As in shiny polish, not people from Poland.

Incidentally, we are still waiting to hear back from EA UK for set-in-stone confirmation.

Bad Company is being made by Battlefield veterans DiCE for PS3 and 360, but deviates from the traditional formula to focus on a cinematic single-player story.

You are dropped behind enemy lines with a squad of renegade soldiers on a personal quest for gold and revenge, with plenty of dark humour and political satire about private military companies.

Other attractions are being able to blow nearly everything to pieces, plus a familiar strong online multiplayer component.

Word on the street is that Bad Company has improved massively since we first saw it, and see it you can over in various video snippets on Eurogamer TV.

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