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Matrix Online celebrates 3rd birthday

With a new update and a party.

The Matrix Online, yes it is still going apparently, is celebrating its third birthday with a new update.

The Smith Virus is back, and you'll need to complete a mission which leads you to the Oracle to find the cure. Smithlings will be out and about, dropping Smith Frags you can use.

Other special items only obtainable during the celebration, but suitable for use all year round, include Oracle Anniversary Cookies which heal damage. Smith Rage Pills are useful for combat situations and Smith Firewall Candy gives you temporary immunity against the virus.

You may have missed the big in-game event held on Friday, where players got to "party" with developers Rarebit, Walrus, Virrago, Moonlite, Brewko, 9mmfu and Dracomet. But the anniversary celebrations will continue until April 3rd.

If you've never played The Matrix Online, why not give it a go? That's why not.

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