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No word on Euro Bionic Commando price

It'll cost just ten "bucks" in the US.

Capcom has said there's no word yet on what Live Arcade and PlayStation Network title Bionic Commando: Rearmed will cost in Europe.

The US arm of the publisher has just announced it will set American gamers back USD 10 when it's released in May.

The lower price-point was picked after an online poll was conducted to ask gamers how much they'd like to pay for it. Unsurprisingly, 83 per cent of respondents picked the cheapest option.

"2D games are a bigger risk (no, they are not necessarily cheap to make. BCR has plenty of 3D models and uses much of the same tech and physics as the 3D version) because they are a harder sell," explained Ben Judd on the Bionic Commando community site. ""The poll says USD 10 so that's what it will be.

"Since the title will have to do quite well at that price point to break even (no, I'm not going to give you a specific number), I guess we have to roll the dice and see where they land."

Interestingly, Capcom has yet to decide on a price for the PC version because it "may have some downloadable content" in the future.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed is a remake of the NES platformer from the olden days.

Capcom has already exceeded the 150MB file size-limit on XBLA with it, and you can catch up with the title on our Bionic Commando: Rearmed gamepages below.

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