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DS 'to launch with four games'

Nintendo of America prepares to show of its twin-screened marvel in Seattle as first news of initial software begins to leak.

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Speaking under conditions of strict anonymity, a senior US source has revealed to Eurogamer the number of launch titles for the American version of Nintendo DS.

"There's going to be the four launch titles in Seattle, and Metroid isn't one of them," said the insider, referring to Metroid Prime: Hunters, which was first shown at E3 in May. As previously announced, a demo of Hunters ("First Hunt") will be bundled with the hardware along with the built-in PictoChat communications software.

The news of the DS' launch line-up arrives ahead of an American press event in Seattle this week, where journalists will be given access to the games and given the remaining details of the console's launch.

Nintendo UK issued the following comment this morning: "American and Japanese software is being announced this week and that information will be made available tomorrow."

The company refused to confirm the identities of the launch games.

The only two games known to be launch definites - or as definite as they can be without confirmation from Nintendo - thus far are Sonic Team's Feel the Magic: XY-XX (formerly Project Rub) and Activision's Spider-Man 2, which the publisher recently confirmed will run alongside the release of the machine.

Another distinct possibility is Super Mario 64 DS, which remains something of an enigma in terms of content - we're presuming it's the same or at least derived from the Mario 64x4 demo shown at E3 - but a realistic packshot of which turned up on Gamestop this week.

Other than that, your guess is probably just as good as ours, and - wearing our best "wishful thinking" cap - we're going to guess Wario Ware, since it was one of the more complete and absorbing titles on show at E3 this May.

Keep your eyes peeled for the official announcement of all the Japanese and American launch software tomorrow.

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