Metroid Prime: Hunters

Key events

23rd March 2006

Metroid Prime: Hunters

3rd March 2006

New Metroid DS details

11th January 2006

New Metroid DS details

Metroid Prime: Federation Force dev explains decision to not focus on Samus

"It's an attempt to expand the Metroid universe."

Metroid series hits 25th Anniversary

It's been Aran the block.

Metroid 3 to launch with Wii

Wave your wand at Samus.

Metroid Prime: Hunters

Hunt it down.

See Metroid DS in action

Over on Eurogamer TV.

New Metroid DS details

Seven deathmatch modes!

New Metroid DS details

More info on Prime Hunters.

Metroid DS goes online

Wi-Fi service due this year in Europe, game to follow in 2006.

2006 for Metroid Prime Hunters

Nintendo breaks the bad news.

No online mode for MP: Hunters

Thanks to looming launch date.