Metroid Prime: Hunters

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23rd March 2006

Metroid Prime: Hunters

3rd March 2006

New Metroid DS details

11th January 2006

New Metroid DS details

The History of Metroid

Save us, Samus.

After what feels like a wait of ninety million years, this week finally sees Metroid Prime 3: Corruption reach our Euroshelves. To mark this epoch-making event, and to give me an excuse to dust off some really ace old games, here's a potted history of the critically acclaimed franchise so far. If you've always wondered what the fuss was about, hopefully this will entice you to sample some classics. If you're already in love with Nintendo's resourceful lady bounty hunter and her spherical gifts, maybe this will tickle some happy memories up from the sludgy bottom of your mind.

Metroid 3 to launch with Wii

Metroid 3 to launch with Wii

Wave your wand at Samus.

Nintendo has revealed that the next instalment in the Metroid series will definitely be a Wii launch title, and that you'll be able to play the game using the motion-sensing remote controller.

Developer Retro Studios is still keeping quiet on the gameplay specifics, but have managed to pick up a few snippets of info - such as the fact that the X-Ray visor is making a welcome return, and it's being upgraded slightly to include a new wall-piercing beam that'll let you seek out cowardly enemies and frazzle them before they even know you're there. It's also going to play a bigger role in puzzle solving, but there's no word as to how exactly this will work.

Travel between the huge areas on multiple worlds will be undertaken in Samus' new gunship, and there's a distinct possibility of remotely controlling the ship as a puzzle solving tool - bringing in the heavy weapons to clear obstacles and open up new paths in certain areas.

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Metroid Prime: Hunters

Metroid Prime: Hunters

Hunt it down.

WARNING - Repetitive Motion Injuries

Playing videogames can make your muscles and joints hurt after a few hours. Follow these instructions to avoid problems such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Avoid excessive play.

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See Metroid DS in action

Over on Eurogamer TV.

If you're eagerly awaiting the arrival of Metroid Prime: Hunters on Nintendo DS this May, you might like to take a look at a bit of gameplay footage over on Eurogamer TV.

New Metroid DS details

New Metroid DS details

Seven deathmatch modes!

Some new details of forthcoming Nintendo DS title Metroid Prime Hunters have been revealed - including news that there will be seven deathmatch modes to choose from.

That's according to an interview on Nintendo's official website with game director Masamichi Abe and designer Richard Vorodi. Turns out the deathmatch modes will include Battle and Survival, as well as the inevitable Capture the Flag.

There will also be a Bounty mode, where you're tasked with picking up something called an Octolith and safely carrying it all the way home. Challenge mode will see you battling it out with other players for territory, while Nodes mode puts you in charge of protecting a specific piece of turf. And finally there's Prime Hunter mode, which offers a variation on tag. All of the multiplayer modes will be available both over local area Wi-Fi play and the Wi-Fi Connection service.

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New Metroid DS details

New Metroid DS details

More info on Prime Hunters.

Some new details of long-awaited DS title Metroid Prime Hunters have been revealed - including news that it will feature a total of 25 Deathmatch arenas.

That's according to US magazine GamePro, which also states that there will be a range of playable characters to choose from. Each will come equipped with their very own vehicle and unique skills. Weavel, for example, will be able to remove part of his body and use it as a turret.

As previously announced, you'll be able to battle other players online via Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service. The single player game will feature five planets for you to explore in a non-linear fashion.

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Metroid DS goes online

Wi-Fi service due this year in Europe, game to follow in 2006.

UPDATE: Nintendo UK has contacted us since this story was originally published to withdraw some of the comments made by its spokesperson. Our reporting was accurate, but the comments apparently were not. You can find a fuller explanation here.

2006 for Metroid Prime Hunters

Nintendo breaks the bad news.

Nintendo of America latest release schedule has revealed that its lynchpin DS title Metroid Prime: Hunters has slipped into next year. The news follows just days after it emerged that the GameCube's biggest hope for 2005 - The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess - has also been moved back into 2006.

No online mode for MP: Hunters

Thanks to looming launch date.

It's been confirmed that Nintendo will not include an online mode in DS title Metroid Prime: Hunters, according to US website 1UP.