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New Metroid DS details

More info on Prime Hunters.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Some new details of long-awaited DS title Metroid Prime Hunters have been revealed - including news that it will feature a total of 25 Deathmatch arenas.

That's according to US magazine GamePro, which also states that there will be a range of playable characters to choose from. Each will come equipped with their very own vehicle and unique skills. Weavel, for example, will be able to remove part of his body and use it as a turret.

As previously announced, you'll be able to battle other players online via Nintendo's Wi-Fi Connection service. The single player game will feature five planets for you to explore in a non-linear fashion.

So when's it out? Well, Metroid Prime Hunters DS is due to hit the US in March, but a European date has yet to be announced. We'll keep you posted.

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