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Metroid DS goes online

Wi-Fi service due this year in Europe, game to follow in 2006.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

UPDATE: Nintendo UK has contacted us since this story was originally published to withdraw some of the comments made by its spokesperson. Our reporting was accurate, but the comments apparently were not. You can find a fuller explanation here.

Nintendo has revealed why Metroid Prime Hunters has been delayed until 2006 - turns out the long-awaited DS title will feature an online mode after all.

You'll be able to connect wirelessly via the new Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, which will have launched in Europe by the end of the year, a spokesman confirmed to Eurogamer today.

"The launch will coincide with the release of Mario Kart, some time before Christmas," he told us.

"You'll be able to go online via your home connection, already-existing Wi-Fi hotspots, or the new hotspots Nintendo is planning to install."

The spokesman declined to comment on how many of these there will be or where we might find them, but he did confirm that Nintendo will not charge a fee for using the service.

Metroid Prime Hunters is set for a worldwide release in spring 2006.

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