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New Metroid DS details

Seven deathmatch modes!

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Some new details of forthcoming Nintendo DS title Metroid Prime Hunters have been revealed - including news that there will be seven deathmatch modes to choose from.

That's according to an interview on Nintendo's official website with game director Masamichi Abe and designer Richard Vorodi. Turns out the deathmatch modes will include Battle and Survival, as well as the inevitable Capture the Flag.

There will also be a Bounty mode, where you're tasked with picking up something called an Octolith and safely carrying it all the way home. Challenge mode will see you battling it out with other players for territory, while Nodes mode puts you in charge of protecting a specific piece of turf. And finally there's Prime Hunter mode, which offers a variation on tag. All of the multiplayer modes will be available both over local area Wi-Fi play and the Wi-Fi Connection service.

The other good news is that Metroid DS will feature a 'Rival Radar' option. If you've got it switched on, your DS will alert you when fellow Metroid fans are in range; it's just like Nintendogs' 'Bark Mode', in other words.

You'll be able to view your statistics - such which weapon you use the most and so on - via your very own Hunter License. And what's more, you'll be able to check out other players' licenses via the Wi-Fi Connection service.

Metroid Prime Hunters is out on May 5th.

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