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PSP golf titles to launch together

Tiger Woods and Hot Shots Golf look set to go head-to-head on day one in Japan.

Sony has confirmed that anybody buying a PlayStation Portable in Japan this December 12th will be able to choose from two golf games, as it confirms that Hot Shots Golf will join Electronic Arts' Tiger Woods PGA Tour in the launch line-up.

Hot Shots Golf ("Minna no Golf Portable" in Japan) has a strong history in the US but never makes it out over here for some reason, and it'll be interesting to see how it does against EA's title; given that both feature wireless multi-play options, existing series preference may well be the key.

EA recently confirmed that Tiger Woods on the PSP would feature 12 courses in total. Sony has yet to confirm what makes up Hot Shots' offering, but a demo version at the Tokyo Game Show last month was generally well received by those who played it.