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FFVII game planned for PSP

Crisis Core due out next year in Japan.

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Having hinted that mobile title Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis could make its way to Nintendo DS earlier this month, Square Enix has revealed that another of its "Compilation of Final Fantasy VII" titles will definitely appear on the PlayStation Portable.

The publisher has announced that Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- is due out on the handheld in Japan early next year, hours after Sony finally confirmed release date and pricing info for the hardware, which is set to debut in Japan on December 12th for the equivalent of around €145.

Details on Crisis Core itself are scant for now, but some of the developers behind it have been named, including Tetsuya Nomura, who will handle character design having created the original FFVII's cast, Yoshinori Kitase, who will produce the game having directed Final Fantasy X, and Hajime Tahata, who, to bring us full circle, worked on Final Fantasy VII Before Crisis for mobiles.

You can find a teaser page for the project here, and we'll be sure to let you know anything else as soon as we hear it.

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