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Miyamoto mentions second DS Mario title

But does he mean "NEW Super Mario Bros." or something else? Meanwhile, Kenichi Sugino admits that a DS Ocarina of Time port could be done "very easily".

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Super Mario 64x4 may not be the first plumbing platformer to appear on the Nintendo DS according to veteran designer Shigeru Miyamoto, with a second, unnamed Mario title the more likely candidate.

Speaking during E3 in an interviewed published by GameSpy this week, Miyamoto admits "there is another Mario game that we are working on for the DS," before saying "I think that will be the next Mario game to come out."

Whether the popular developer is referring to "NEW Super Mario Bros.", which was trailed in video form at E3 and showed a scaleable full-screen Mario stomping around 80s era Mario Bros. level design, is impossible to say, but it's quite feasible that Miyamoto is referring to an entirely different Mario title.

His answer came in response to a question asking which format the next new Mario adventure would appear on. "It may end up on DS," Miyamoto told GameSpy. "You may have seen Mario 64x4 here, but there is another Mario game that we are working on for the DS that is best suited for that system."

Later on in the same interview, Miyamoto and his colleague Kenichi Sugino were asked whether the new adult Zelda title for GameCube could run on DS, and although Sugino didn't answer the question directly, what he did say is bound to conjure excitement amongst Zelda fans.

"If we wanted to recreate Ocarina of Time on the DS, we could do that very easily," he told GameSpy. "We are researching a number of different things."

Expect to hear more about them - and possibly clarification of the Mario DS comments - the next time Nintendo representatives surface to comment.

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