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Nintendo 'fesses up to Wario Ware DS bugs

Yule be unsurprised to hear that they're swapping out the buggy versions for free, though.

Nintendo has admitted that Sawaru: Made in Wario, the Nintendo DS version of Wario Ware, can succumb to show-stopping bugs in rare cases involving combinations of certain copies of the game and DS units.

The publisher has identified the problems openly and offered to replace copies of the game for anybody suffering from the problem. There's a form to fill out on the company's Japanese website if you do experience any problems - although we're kind of guessing this applies to Japanese residents only. Replacements will start to ship on December 24th, and you can even keep the busted copy until the working one turns up.

Those problems, then. First, in the Mame Denkyuu and Doukasen games, in some cases it's impossible to draw the lines necessary to clear the task, while in the Kurai Heya game, when you touch the flashes of light on-screen they flicker and you're unable to find the character required to complete the game.

It's not clear (to us at least) why this happens, or what it is about these certain combinations of game and hardware that cause the problems, but as with the dead pixel problem that popped up after launch last month, Nintendo's swiftness in dealing with the problem is likely to offset any potential PR nightmares in the eyes of the consumer and bloodthirsty hacks like us.