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Sven Co-op for Half-Life 2 takes shape

First version will sort the basics, but there's more to come. Multi-user vehicles, for example. And a customisable TFC-style class system.

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Although there's no word on when it'll be released (other than "When it's done."), the makers of Sven Co-op, the near-legendary co-operative play modification for Half-Life, have revealed that the Half-Life 2 version is well underway and outlined some of their plans for the first release and beyond.

According to an update on the mod's official website, the initial release will focus on getting the fundamental aspects right: "Establishing smooth, fun cooperative gameplay, and allowing level designers to start working on co-op maps," it said. "Features such as new monsters and weapons will be coming, but mostly in subsequent releases. Trying for too much at once would only delay things in the long run... and anyway, this way you'll have something to play while waiting for multi-user vehicles/etc."

The update also reveals that normal Half-Life 2 levels will probably only support a very few players - partly because the team really wants to stick to the spirit of the original - but that any user-made co-op maps would be capable of supporting more.

Looking further forward, in addition to new monsters, weapons and multi-user vehicles, the Sven Co-op team aims to have a Team Fortress-esque class system which can be defined by the map-maker, as well as a flexible lives system and the ability to revive team-mates where they fall.

For full details, check out the Sven Co-op website.

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