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Third parties to fly DS flag at Tokyo Game Show

Sega and Square Enix bring dual-screen action.

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Several third-party publishers are planning to exhibit Nintendo DS titles at the Tokyo Game Show later this month, ensuring that the forthcoming handheld will have a presence despite Nintendo's decision to abstain.

Both Sega and Square Enix have confirmed that they will have software for the Nintendo DS in their booths at the show, with each publisher confirming one title apiece for the platform.

The Nintendo DS is expected to launch in Japan in November, but Nintendo has chosen to eschew an official presence at the Tokyo Game Show in favour of a number of smaller nationwide promotions aimed at getting the device into the hands of as many potential buyers as possible.

Square Enix will be showing off Egg Monster Hero at the show, an RPG which utilises the touch screen capabilities of the console for its battle system - however, as it's based on the Hanjuku Hero series of games, which has never been released outside Japan, it seems unlikely that it'll ever make its way to the west.

Similarly, Sega's offering is unlikely to leave Japanese shores - titled Kimi no Tame Nara Shineru (literally translated, "I Would Die For Your Sake"), it is a dating simulation (renai game) with 2D hand-drawn illustrations, surprisingly developed by former members of Sonic Team. While it might be an unusual departure for the team, it's worth bearing in mind that Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima cut his teeth on the Tokimeki Memorial series of dating games...

Several other publishers are also expected to show DS titles, although details have not yet been announced. There's also a possibility that Sega and Square Enix could extend the range of DS titles on show - Square Enix in particular is set to show a new title from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles creator Akitoshi Kawazu, which could be the new Crystal Chronicles title for the DS, although equally it could be the rumoured GameCube title that his team is rumoured to be working on.

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