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Bigbig working on PSP driving title

Could be called Drive Club, might be the Formula One '04 title mentioned on the recent games list, or it could be something else entirely.

Earlier this week, Sony announced the signing of an exclusive publishing deal with World Rally Championship developer Evolution Studios, however there was another snippet in that announcement that lacked clarity - Evolution's satellite studio, Bigbig, was reported to be working on a game for the PlayStation Portable.

Following a bit of digging around since then, a few more details have surfaced. As it turns out, the most detailed and interesting were cunningly concealed slap-bang in the middle of the developer's home page. Yep.

"Bigbig Studios is working closely with Sony on an original franchise for their exciting new portable console, the PSP," the text reads. "Our debut title on this up and coming system is a driving and character based arcade game. The innovative title features unique combat and high octane action."

The website doesn't go into any more detail, but according to reports Evolution Studios did recently file the name "Drive Club" with the pesky US Patent and Trademark Office - the implication being that the two are connected.

That said, a quick glance down the PSP games list Sony released at its PlayStation Meeting 2004 in Tokyo last month casts doubt on that assertion. Although Bigbig isn't mentioned specifically, "Sony/Evolution" is named as the developer of a Formula One '04 title for the handheld, which would also seem like a snug fit.