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George A. Romero signs with Hip for game series

Dawn of a new survival-horror?

Renowned horror director George A. Romero is set to become the figurehead behind a series of games published Hip Interactive, the company announced today in association with Living Dead Productions.

The first game, details of which have not been confirmed, should be announced shortly. More games are anticipated, with the series aiming to target all current and upcoming platforms according to Hip.

"I am very excited to start working in this medium and look forward to the association with Hip. I thank Living Dead Productions for making it all happen," was Romero's rather boring comment, but given the man's mastery of the horror film - including his almost peerless Trilogy of the Dead - it's a decidedly exciting development, and along with the likes of Pariah and Stolen is another reason to keep an eye on Hip's output.

As we said, details are TBA, but it's worth remembering that, earlier this year, veteran game developer American McGee mentioned in a journal update that he was collaborating with Romero on a game project called City of the Dead - and said it was in development at Asylum Entertainment with help from his company tmiec.

Whether the first George A. Romero game is the Asylum output remains to be seen, but at the time McGee was fairly open about his hopes of finding a publisher, so the glove does seem to fit. You can read more about City of the Dead here.

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