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Conflict series takes on Rainbow Six

Conflict: Global Terror dumps recent conflicts and aims for a near-future war on terror scenario as SCi attempts to boost its audience.

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With the Gulf War and Vietnam out of the way, SCi's Conflict series is turning its guns toward the war on terrorism, the UK publisher has revealed.

Conflict: Global Terror is due out on PS2, Xbox and PC in autumn 2005, and sees the original Desert Storm team - Bradley, Foley, Connors and Jones - as part of an elite anti-terrorist unit sometime in the near future battling various cells around the globe.

It's quite a major departure for the Pivotal Games-developed series, which has previously focused on squad-based third-person shooting in a particular war. Switching to "global terror" seems like an attempt to muscle some of the attention away from some of Ubisoft's Tom Clancy titles like Rainbow Six and Ghost Recon.

Product manager Ray Livingston says the publisher is "conscious of keeping fans of the previous games happy," but admits the shift in setting is aimed at "attracting a new audience".

Whatever its motives though, SCi is saying very little about the game itself beyond what we've heard already, with Livingston commenting that it's "taken all the best bits from the previous three games and added a whole lot more".

As soon as we hear a whole lot more about Conflict: Global Terror, we'll be sure to mention it.

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