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Tiger Woods and NFSU are PSP launch titles

And both will support wireless multiplayer.

EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour and Need For Speed Underground titles for PlayStation Portable will make up part of the system's launch line-up, EA chief financial officer Warren Jenson revealed at an investor conference in the US yesterday.

The Need For Speed title (called NFSU Rivals on Sony's Japanese games list) will feature 10 tracks and other new content and modes designed for wireless multiplayer. Tiger Woods will also feature wireless multiplayer, and 12 courses in total.

The PlayStation Portable, which is playable at the Tokyo Game Show this weekend, is due out in Japan later this year (at least that's the aim; Sony has been reluctant to outline specifics so far), and should be with us in Europe in early 2005. Neither Tiger Woods nor Need For Speed will be playable at TGS, but both will be on display in trailer form.