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THQ unveils Nintendo DS line-up

Pixar and Nickelodeon titles on the way, as well as Zoo Tycoon and a launch title called Ping Pals.

THQ is developing at least six different games for Nintendo DS, the publisher announced late last week, including a pair of Pixar properties, a sprinkling of Nickelodeon and a launch title called Ping Pals.

According to THQ's missive, games based on Pixar's Cars and The Incredibles film titles are already underway, as are SpongeBob SquarePants and Tak titles in association with Nickelodeon, while Zoo Tycoon is also set to make an appearance.

Not much is known of those five titles, but THQ did shed some light on Ping Pals, which lets you make your own little avatar and then chat while gaming in groups of up to 16, swapping and buying custom parts to change your appearance.

"Nintendo DS features like the dual screen, stylus and two-way messaging will enable our developers to create deeper, more compelling game play experiences for handheld gamers," said Brian Farrell, president and CEO, THQ. "We look forward to the launch of Ping Pals this fall, as well as bringing many of our most popular brands to the system in 2005."

Nintendo DS is of course due to launch in the US on November 21st, priced $149.99. Games available on day one should cost as little as $29.99, and so far Nintendo has only confirmed that Super Mario 64 DS - a reworking of the N64 classic - will be among them, although Ping Pals, Spider-Man 2 and Feel the Magic: XY-XX are expected to join it on the shelves.

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