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EA marketing the f*** out of Bulletstorm

People Can Fly expects big sales from FPS.

Polish developer People Can Fly is bullish when it comes to the potential success of bombastic FPS Bulletstorm. Why? Because publisher EA will "market the f***" out of it.

"We are pretty ballsy," outspoken studio founder Adrian Chmielarz told Eurogamer in a Bulletstorm interview published today. "We definitely want a couple of million units sold.

"The first magic number is a million units. Surprisingly, not a lot of games are able to reach that. I'm hoping it's going to be huge, but I don't want to jinx it."

In September EA Partners boss David DeMartini told Eurogamer Bulletstorm could sell as many copies as Epic Games' Gears of War because it's a multiplatform game.

While Bulletstorm shares much with the chainsaw-em-up series – the game is built on Unreal Engine 3 and People Can Fly is owned by Epic – Chmielarz reckons sales comparisons with the Xbox 360 exclusive are probably pushing it.

"It's [Bulletstorm] multiplatform and there are more consoles out there at this point, but look what we're competing against: Gears 1 is six million units. That is crazy. We will see."

While day one sales may not match up to those enjoyed by Gears of War, Chmielarz hopes strong word of mouth will ensure Bulletstorm will continue to sell months after release.

"I'm not entirely sure about the initial sales. They're going to be strong because EA is dedicated to the title and they will market the f*** out of this title. They're going to be strong.

"But we're one of these few games that has a very long shelf life because the reaction we've seen, that once someone gets in contact with Bulletstorm comes out converted, that is an equivalent of the world of mouth that will happen. Once people start playing Bulletstorm, they'll go to their friend, 'Dude, you won't believe what happened in Bulletstorm.'

"Again, it's not me being coy. I'm not famous enough to be modest yet."

Hot off the press screenshots are below.