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Transform your Fable III dog

Change to poodle, doberman or alsatian.

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Bored of your Fable III dog? Wish you could swap for a cooler one? Lionhead has a remedy: a dog pack.

For 240 Microsoft Points you can transform your pooch into an exotic poodle or a doberman or an alsatian.

"Just let your dog have a sip when he's lying in his basket in the Sanctuary," instructs the add-on blurb, deviously.

Once that's done, the new-look dogs will be available when you unlock them in the storyline. There's no more information on this part - presumably it's not difficult to do.

Also available today in Fable III is a free Yule hat. "Bring cheer to the people of Albion with this extravagant hat. Whether you want to give them any gifts as well is entirely up to you."

Fable III in 15 minutes.

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