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Can you keep PlayStation Plus DLC?

UPDATE: Further confusion.

Update: James Thorpes comments below tell users that "add-ons" - which includes DLC - "do not expire" when a PlayStation Plus subscription lapses.

However, the PlaySation Network Terms & Conditions appear to disagree:

"Type 1. You will still be able to access and use the following PlayStation Plus Elements after your Subscription Period expires, provided that you downloaded them before expiry:"

  • Premium avatars
  • Premium themes

"Type 2. You will no longer be able to access and use the following PlayStation Plus Elements after your Subscription Period expires, even if you downloaded them before expiry:"

  • PlayStation Network games
  • PSone games
  • Minis
  • Premium game elements

James Thorpe's original blog post said premium game elements and/or DLC would be given to PlayStation Plus subscribers each month. His new post retracts that.

We're talking to Sony now and trying to work out exactly what you can and can't keep.

Original story: Sony has apologised for misleading PlayStation Plus members into believing they could keep PS3 game DLC when their subscriptions lapsed.

On the European PlayStation blog on 23rd June 2010, Sony's James Thorpe wrote: "Each month there will be two dynamic themes, two premium avatars and premium game elements/add-ons for you to download and many of these will be exclusive to members only.

"These are yours to keep forever once you have downloaded them."

The PlayStation Plus terms and conditions contradict this and state that only premium avatars and premium themes can be kept after a PlayStation Plus subscription has lapsed.

Sony's blog post has remained published and uncorrected until now.

On the European PlayStation blog today, James Thorpe atoned for an "honest mistake" caused by the "hectic launch period of Plus".

"[PlayStation] Plus premium game elements, mentioned in the T&Cs, do not refer to DLC," explained Thorpe. "The Private Members Club in PlayStation Home is an example of a premium game element ... they will expire if your Plus subscription expires.

"Add-ons are separate to premium game elements.

"In the original blog post," he added, "I was using the phrase 'add-ons' to refer to extra content including DLC. Currently, add-ons do not expire when the subscription expires

"Premium game elements and add-ons are not part of the core monthly content, I apologise again if my post during the launch of Plus was incorrect, I'm afraid this was just an honest mistake during the hectic launch period of Plus."

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