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Def Jam Rapstar does an X-Factor

Recording contract up for grabs.

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Music label Atlantic Records will offer a recording contract to the winner of Def Jam Rapstar's search for Britain's best rapper.

To enter you need a copy of the PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 rapping game. One of its features is the ability to film your performance with a connected camera and upload videos to the official Def Jam Rapstar website. Videos uploaded to the site will be judged by other players and people drawn from social networks.

Entrants are expected to compose their own raps in Def Jam's freestyle mode. If you make it through the first stage, you'll be invited to perform in live regionals at HMV stores across the nation. The top 10 rappers will progress to the February final in London. Win the big one and you'll get a single released by Atlantic. Boom.

The search for Britain's best rapper will begin on 1st January 2011. Perhaps Cher Lloyd should enter.

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