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New SSX takes series "back to its roots"

Peter Moore teases "obscure new title".

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The next game in snowboarding series SSX takes it "back to its roots", sources claim.

It features controls similar to those found in Skate, Kotaku reports.

That means the right thumb stick will be used to perform tricks.

It comes as no surprise to learn, then, that the game is being created by many of the developers responsible for Skate at EA Canada.

SSX was rumoured to be set for a reveal at the upcoming Spike Video Game Awards after teaser trailer The Planet, which you can see below, popped up on the internet.

Last month speculation was fuelled by domains registered by EA that suggested a game called SSX: Deadly Descent was in the works.

Surveys leaked online in the summer described an unannounced snowboarding game as "an intense, moment-to-moment battle against the forces created from riding your snowboard over the most spectacular and remote mountains on Earth".

Interestingly, EA Sports president overnight teased "an obscure new title" set to be revealed at the VGAs. His cryptic message directed to the trailer you see below.

In September last year EA Montreal trouser-wearer Alain Tascan admitted there is a lot of love for SSX at the studio, and said a revival may be on the cards - particularly if the market demanded it.

The last game in the series, SSX Blur, disappointed. Tom awarded it 6/10 for Eurogamer.

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