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EA working on Madden Curse: The Movie?

NFL game gets unlikely cinema adaptation.

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Development is underway on a movie based upon the notorious 'Madden Curse' – a jinx that befalls any player who features on the cover of EA's NFL franchise – according to industry sources.

An EA insider apparently confirmed to The Wrap that the movie was being spearheaded by Pat O'Brien, VP of EA Entertainment, who will act as one of the film's producers.

The plot will apparently revolve around "a former Madden video game champion" coming out of retirement only to find himself slapped on the cover of EA's game and duly subject to the curse.

No studio or actors are confirmed to be attached to the project at present.

The Madden Curse first reared its head back in 2000 when Green Bay Packers running back Dorsey Levens injured his knee following an appearance on the game's cover and never started another game for the team.

It's been an almost annual event since, with cover stars falling foul of nasty injuries or bizarre accidents.

Having said that, the current incumbent has shown signs of side-stepping the phenomenon. New Orleans Saints' quarterback Drew Brees has remained injury-free and is enjoying a successful season to date.

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