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Sony's spy MMO The Agency delayed

"We have to do better," says SOE.

Sony Online's exciting spy MMO The Agency has been elbowed to the latter half of 2011.

John Smedley, the man in charge, explained that the PC and PS3 game needed lots more work.

"There was a moment in time in our company where we looked at our own stuff with a clear eye and saw we have to do better," he told Kotaku.

The Agency, last playable in the summer of 2009, has now long been MIA. Smedley had promised us a showing earlier this year but, for whatever reason, such a thing never materialised.

The Agency is a spy-versus-spy MMO, and its got some bright ideas. But the exciting part comes from being designed natively for PS3; The Agency has action that fits fundamentally on a pad. And with Sony Online Entertainment as the developer, any barriers to PlayStation Network have not so much been lifted as snapped off and permanently removed.

But a word of caution: Sony Online Entertainment also made bright and cheery MMO Free Realms for PC and PS3. The PC game launched in April 2009; the PS3 game didn't. Sony Online Entertainment assures us the console version is "coming soon", but won't go as far as putting a date on it.

The last time Eurogamer got to play The Agency was during the summer of 2009. Back then, Oli Welsh called The Agency "one of the most exciting and original online games in development."

Facebook accompaniment The Agency: Covert Ops was revealed earlier this year.