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Super Meat Boy gets PC boxed edition

Gruesome artwork might turn you vegan.

Acclaimed indie platformer Super Meat Boy is to get a limited edition boxed release for PC, developer Team Meat has announced.

The release, which will be available through Team Meat's website, includes the original game plus "special features like behind the scenes videos, design sketches, illustrations and never before scene cutting room floor characters, art and the like".

It's due out in January and "will probably sell for around 20-25 bucks depending on the final price of the printing."

Team Meat also posted the decidedly icky cover art, painted by Dave Rapoza of Magic: The Gathering fame. Check it out below if you've got the stomach.

It's been a busy couple of weeks for Team Meat. It recently managed to release a digital version of Meat Boy for PC, followed that up with free DLC for the Xbox 360 version and then proceeded to pick a fight with animal rights activists.

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Super Meat Boy

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