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Damage patch for Gran Turismo 5

Cream de chassis.

As of today, you can smash and trash those beautiful cars in Gran Turismo 5 - mechanical damage has been added.

You can do the demolishing alone or you can head online and revel in the destruction of beauty together, according to TheSixthAxis. And when you're online you'll be able to choose whether damage will be light or heavy or not present at all.

The Gran Turismo 5 damage patch is a beefy 150MB. You'll need to grab today's PS3 firmware update at the same time.

Gran Turismo 5, the game that silkily avoided release for so long, finally raced onto shop shelves last month. What did Eurogamer think? "It's a game that heads off in unexpected and exciting directions, makes a few notable improvements, and overflows with love – for cars, for games technology and for its own mad pursuit."

A look at Gran Turismo from its beginning to its current end.

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Gran Turismo 5


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