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Reader Review of the Month

Who will prevail?

It's that famous time of the month that we recently invented again! Yes, today we crown the latest Reader Review of the Month - for November 2010.

As usual, intrepid and dashing Eurogamer community manager Tom Champion shortlisted three of your finest contributions for consideration by the EG editorial team. UnseenFear reviewed Alan Wake, while BOBBYLUPO took on Call of Duty: Black Ops and LionheartDJH reviewed Football Manager 2011. THE NUMBERS, MASON, TELL US ABOUT THE NUMBERS. Oh yeah, LionheartDJH actually whacked on a score for FM - a mighty 10/10!

But who is our winner? Iiiiiit's...

BOBBYLUPO's review of Call of Duty: Black Ops!

Here's a snippet:

"Black Ops closes the gap between the COD brands, getting ever closer to Modern Warfare, both stylistically and chronologically. With OTT action histrionics and near mawkish levels of personal tragedy, last year's Modern Warfare 2 was more like a Michael Bay remake of Philadelphia than a credible trawl through the muddied morals of contemporary warfare. It also seemed to be written by someone suffering from the same short-term memory loss as Guy Pearce's character in Memento. After tattooing 'Airport massacre' on his body in Felt tip Roman, he blacked out, waking to find a mysterious message scribbled on a crumpled napkin. It read: 'Snowmobile canyon jump'."

Eurogamer editor Tom Bramwell chose this one and explains: "LionheartDJH invoked the mighty Liverpool FC repeatedly and positively in his FM review, so it was a close-run thing, but I had to go for the COD piece. BOBBYLUPO is a funny guy. I do feel slightly odd endorsing a piece of writing that includes what is basically an AIDS joke (it's still too soon), but he whacks Black Ops' Wac-A-Mole stylings firmly on the mole and his writing is ticklish as well as insightful - an enjoyable combination."

Congratulations to BOBBYLUPO! He will be rewarded with whichever game we can find for the platform of his choice.

If you want to win similar plaudits and goodies, make sure to hit up the Reader Content section of Eurogamer and crack on!

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