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Boll: "Actors know I'm a real filmmaker"

They "don't hate" my movies.

You might not like his work, but German filmmaker Uwe Boll insists the powers that be - the Hollywood actors, agents and managers - take what he does seriously, despite his movies being critically trashed time and time again.

That's how he manages to secure talent like Michael Madsen, Christian Slater, Ben Kingsley, Jason Statham, Ray Liotta, Burt Reynolds and Tara Reid.

"I send the script and make an offer," Boll explained to Kotaku. Actors and Hollywood managers and agents know that I'm a real filmmaker and [don't] agree with the internet bashing.

"They watch my movies and don't hate them."

Uwe Boll, now 45 years-old, has managed to fund and complete 15 films over eight years - a feat that makes him one of the world's most prolific movie makers.

"I've never made more than three movies in a year," he reflected, "and I only did that twice. Normally I do two movies a year. Three is too much."

Ignoring him won't work, then. But when will he stop? "I don't think I will make movies after I'm 70," he revealed.

That means 25 years more of Uwe Boll - or 50 more films.

Earlier this month we heard that Uwe Boll had secured blonde, withered, weathered muscle-man Dolph Lundgren to star in In the Name of the King 2, a follow-up to Dungeon Siege adaptation In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale.

Years ago, in 2006, Ellie Gibson confronted Uwe Boll about his bad films. He didn't punch her like he has other critics; instead, Uwe Boll gave an open and candid account of what days are like in Uwe Boll world.

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