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The Settlers 7 gets update, new DLC

New 10-hour campaign, plus maps.

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A new DLC pack for Ubisoft's recent PC strategy offering The Settlers 7 has just gone live, offering a brand new campaign and two extra maps.

Simply known as DLC Pack 3, it offers a new five-map campaign which Ubisoft claims should occupy you for the best part of 10 hours.

There are also two new maps for the scenario game mode, which apparently adds up to an additional 10 hours of gameplay.

The expansion is available now from UbiShop and all your standard digital retailers for $14.99.

There's also a new patch available for the excellent Blue Byte-developed RTS. Update 1.11 adds a new map for skirmish and multiplayer called Monhaim Valley, along with the following tweaks:


  • The new Technology Board "The Occult Science" offers players 6 exciting Occult Technologies:
  • 1. Necromancy: Fallen soldiers briefly come back from the dead to avenge their death.
  • 2. Evil Eye: Fewer Clerics are needed to proselytize Camps.
  • 3. Deal with the Devil: For every soldier you send to kingdom come, you'll be rewarded with coins.
  • 4. Demonic Bargaining: You'll get more coins for each batch of Garments and Jewellery you sell at Ports and Marketplaces.
  • 5. Dark Aura: The effect of Clerics deployed in Camps is increased by 5%.
  • 6. Hidden Persuasion: With every deal they close at Ports or Market Places, your Traders have a 10% chance of obtaining their merchandise without having to pay.
  • The new Trading Board "The Pentacle" is now available in the Map Forge.
  • Added the new Template Exchange to upload, browse, share and rate templates created in the Map Forge

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a wrong message that was displayed after the game lost its network connection
  • Fixed a double displayed mentor text
  • Fixed a bug related to the shortcuts on MAC that were implemented with patch 1.09 – Shortcuts now work on MacOS
  • Fixed a bug were a Facebook account cannot be connected to game
  • Fixed a rare desync when players quit the game
  • Fixed sound issues that occurred when the online connection wasn't available

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