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Settlers DRM problems not yet resolved

At least, not completely, says Ubisoft.

Ubisoft's told Eurogamer that DRM problems in The Settlers 7 are still not "completely resolved", even though it has been nearly two weeks since launch.

Many owners are having trouble establishing and maintaining a DRM-required connection to the game's online verification servers. A thread on Ubisoft's forum has 50 pages and 10,000 posts expressing the community's displeasure.

"Settlers 7 players have encountered difficulties playing the game over the [Easter] holiday weekend due to issues with servers that do matchmaking in multiplayer mode and that keep track of profiles, campaign progression and stats in both solo and multi modes," the publisher told us.

"Our technical teams have made progress but we are not yet able to say that the issue is completely resolved."

Further comment, Ubisoft added, would be made in The Settlers 7 forum.

Ubisoft's DRM caused similar problems recently with Assassin's Creed II and Silent Hunter V on PC. The publisher blamed server stability on digital "attacks" and claimed that 95 per cent of players were unaffected.

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