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New DLC announced for The Settlers 7

Plus, new patch adds co-op mode.

A new DLC pack is now available for PC RTS sequel The Settlers 7, publisher Ubisoft has announced.

Titled The Two Kings, it's priced at £3.99 and adds three new multiplayer maps.

Tower Island sees four factions facing off against each other around the Tower of Tandria, access to which offers players a strategic advantage. Distances between you and your opponents are short, so you'll need to keep an eye on your defences.

The Throne of Tandria sees two teams compete for the titular piece of furniture. The twist here are the variable starting conditions - one team has access to fertile building ground but only has a few mines, while the other has access to plenty of mines but only limited fertile ground.

A third map, called Forest Realm, sees you go head to head with a rival king situated on the opposing side of a wide valley. The home sectors boast central marketplaces where you can increase your wealth.

Tower Island and Throne of Tandria are specifically designed to take advantage of a new cop-op mode added in by a free patch, which also goes live today.

As well as the new maps, you can now also play all existing levels in co-op. You'll be able to donate sectors, share resources, swap tradeposts and divvy up victory points with your partner.

The Settlers 7 launched back in March last year, picking up an 8/10 from Eurogamer's Quintin Smith.