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New BioWare clue is a red herring

No, really.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

There's something fishy about a new clue from BioWare regarding the identity of its unannounced new game, and we mean that quite literally.

The latest in a long line of binary codes posted on the publisher's Facebook page links to an image of a red herring.

So to recap, the following things all relate somehow to the Mass Effect studio's next title, due to be revealed at the Spike VGA event this weekend:

  • 55.845 – the atomic weight of iron
  • The temperature -128.5˚ Fahrenheit
  • The British Secret Intelligence Service – otherwise known as MI6
  • The cover of an album by The Clash
  • A red herring

It also may or may not be Mass Effect 3, depending on whether you're inclined to believe loose-lipped Russians.

Hands up if you think this is all getting a bit silly now. BioWare, just tell us already.

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