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PlayStation Plus' Dec & Jan deals

Changed your mind about a subscription?

Throughout December and January, PlayStation Plus subscribers can look forward to lots of exclusive games, discounts and miscellaneous bits and bobs.

We've outlined what's known to be coming below, but the European PlayStation blog notes that some "extra little bonuses" will crop up during December and that some of January's content is still being finalised.

The December highlights are 8/10 PSN puzzler Cuboid and PSone golden oldie Oddworld: Abe's Exodus given for free; 50 per cent off 8/10 hexagonal grid-based eco puzzler Greed Corp; 20 per cent off new co-op zombie shooter Dead Nation (on launch day only); and a full game trial of Assassin's Creed (the first and weakest game of the series).

There's also a 25 per cent discount on the PlayTV Live Chat upgrade that usually costs a considerable £6.29.

Then on 5th January, a fresh batch of PlayStation Plus content will arrive. Astrotipper will be the free PSN game, and there's going to be 20 per cent of Tim Schafer's 8/10 action RPG Costume Quest and its DLC. There's also 20 per cent off the Japanese phenomena Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Give this some thought: it's a great game, although 50 per cent off would have been much, much more enticing.

"What this is not, however, is a game for everyone. It requires enormous quantities of patience, planning and persistence. If you're up to the challenge, prepare yourself for one of the most rewarding opportunities in gaming," Eurogamer's Dan Pearson wrote of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite after 70 hours of testing.

Like Xbox Live, PlayStation Plus costs £39.99 annually - or £11.99 for 90 days. Unlike Xbox Live, Sony's keen to offer lots of free stuff above and beyond demos.

Remember that if your subscription to PlayStation Plus runs out, some of the exclusive content will be locked away from you until you start paying again.

December's PlayStation Plus Content

  • Free: Cuboid (PSN), Bubble Trubble (mini), Dracula: Undead Awakening (mini), Oddworld: Abe's Exodus (PSone)
  • Discounts: PlayTV Live Chat (25 per cent off), Punisher: No Mercy (50 per cent), Greed Corp (50 per cent), Age of Hammer Wars (50 per cent), Impossible Mission & Super Fruitfall Deluxe Bundle (two for the price of one)
  • Full Game Trial: Assassin's Creed
  • Dynamic Themes: Winter, Lava Lamp (x4)
  • Premium Avatars: Dead Nation (x2), Hustle Kings (x5) - available from 8th Dec

January's PlayStation Plus Content (available from 5th Jan)

  • Free: Astrotipper (PSN), Pipe Madness (mini - two weeks early), Kahoots (mini), Colony Wars (PSone)
  • Discounts: PlayTV Live Chat (25 per cent off), Stardrone (20 per cent off on day one), Dark Stalkers' Chronicles (PSP, 40 per cent), Megaman Maveric Hunter (PSP, 40 per cent), Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP, 20 per cent), Fate Unlimited (PSP, 60 per cent), PowerStone Collection (PSP, 40 per cent), Capcom Classics reloaded (PSP, 40 per cent), Capcom Classics Remixed (PSP, 50 per cent), Capcom Puzzle World (PSP, 40 per cent), Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (PSP, 40 per cent), MAG DLC Bundle (50 per cent), Costume Quest and DLC bundle (20 per cent)
  • Dynamic Themes: Fire, Year of the Rabbit
  • Premium Avatars: Eat Them (x5)
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