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Thor's Thor to be Thor in SEGA's Thor

Well Loki Loki, Loki's playing Loki, too.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Chris "Captain Kirk" Hemsworth will reprise his role as Thor in SEGA's movie tie-in game. The publisher has also signed scrawny-faced British actor Tom Hiddleston to reprise his role as tricksy Norse god Loki.

Their involvement is noted as a fresh batch of Thor: God of Thunder screenshots tumble out of the sky. We've gallerised them below.

SEGA will hope that by signing the stars of the Thor movie, we'll believe that this adaptation will be better than the dreadful Iron Man and slightly better - but still dreary - Iron Man 2.

Thor: God of Thunder, due next summer, invites players to romp around the worlds of Norse mythology with a big hammer. You'll have to smash the face of gigantic baddies or frazzle them with storm powers like lightning.

Fingers crossed.

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