Thor: God of Thunder

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No plans for more Sega-published Marvel video games

Marvel on the "biggest afflictions affecting movie-licensed games".

Sega sees red as sales fall

"Headwind-like sluggish consumption."

Thor: God of Thunder


Out This Week - 29/04/11

Virtua Tennis! Darkspore! Thor!

Captain America, Thor coming to 3DS

PS3, Xbox 360 versions support 3D.

VideoThor: God of Thunder trailer

These... are not my hammer.

Thor's Thor to be Thor in SEGA's Thor

Well Loki Loki, Loki's playing Loki, too.

VideoThor is here to tease you

Hammering one out on top of a mountain.

SEGA unveils Thor videogame

Shh, no one mention Iron Man.